Villa Rana Open Art: Encaustronic-workshop

In this year’s first Open Art workshop we are painting small art pieces using irons and beeswax, and making real-time electronic music colored by sampled sounds and experiments! You can choose to participate in either one or both of the workshops at any time during the event.

In encaustic painting technique, we are melting and smearing pigmented beeswax onto paper with small irons. With this technique it is possible to create beautiful and detailed abstract works of art, without any previous experience. Wax colours dry in an instant, and afterwards you can let your imagination run wild and use metallic etchers to scratch for example figures, shapes and text on the artwork.

Electronic music is made by layering sounds, that can be created either synthetically or with instruments, or by using samples of recorded sounds. The devices used to make these can be connected to each other in various ways enabling an experimental approach to creating music in which you can explore how devices “talk” to each other and fill different roles, each with their own role as a layer in music. For example a drum machine produces percussive sounds and a rhythm, which can be filled or layered using a bass line or melody from a synthesizer. With a sampler you can imaginatively record snippets of the sounds of objects, your own voice, or from music with the help of a smartphone and bring them as a part of a sonic soundscape. Interesting results are easy to achieve even accidentally, which is why in the center of this music making method is experimentation instead of any kind of previous skill or knowledge!

Welcome along to a free workshop!