Two dance performances

Me in nature = nature in me

Me in nature = nature in me is a piece from Väkivä Collective. This piece is exploring our inner nature and how it combines with the external world. Nature is within us as we shift. The piece has gotten inspiration for this art piece from our longing for the nature around us. Crowds have wandered to nature since we had to lock ourselves to our homes. How far have we come from our nature when we don’t remember how nature could be inside us?

Väkivä Collective’s changing folks are exploring relationships to inner and external nature through movement, sound, light and visual viewpoint. We reflect the reasons for us to alienate from our own truth, our own nature. Does certain stimulus have an impact on our habits?

Collectives aim is to bring the audience closer to themselves during the performance and take the audience part of a shared journey to the inner nature. Every evening on stage is dividual and personal experience for both the performers and the audience. Piece draws from the heritage of community art in a context of performing arts.
This piece contains folks such as dancers Johanna Hurme ja Pihla Jaala, light- and sound artist Santtu Käkönen, video- ja photograpy artist Katariina Nikkilä and director/choreographer Rita Miettinen.

Workshops and exhibitions are part of the piece, where the audience can participate to build the art piece and experience the theme more entirely.

Night of the Psyche

‘Night of the Psyche’ is a dance creation about the equality of the darkness and the light. A reminder that they can’t exist without the other. What is lurking in the shadows of your psyche wants to be seen, heard and acknowledged. Be brave enough to shine your light in those dark chambers to understand what is waiting for you. Face the wisdom of your dark side and hear what it teaches you. The creation dives deeper into the illusion of dualism of the inner world through the movement and connection with two dancers led by the music that has been composed together with the musician.

Trinity collective brings on the stage the agony between the shadow and the light. How the loudness of the ego covers the voice of the soul and demands us to face the shadow side. Despite the fear, the encounter is inevitable for our growth. To hear the screams of the shadows so that the fear of the unknown parts of ourselves can’t paralyze us anymore.
In the outside world we mirror each other’s growth with people we cross paths with. All these encounters and our individual experiences of our inner worlds show us different factors about the state of our growth. The creation brings to the light the importance of both sides, the outer and the inner, as well as the equality of the inner sides, light and the dark. How we need both of these sides to understand the wholeness within, the oneness with the outside world and break the illusion of separation and dualism. Are there two individuals playing opposite roles on the stage or one being divided in two parts of one’s psyche? Will the story of the creation lead us to the state of acceptance within ourselves or leave it open for each one to figure out on their own?

Syano photo exhibition 18.11.-6.12.2022

The Cyano photo exhibition is, as its name suggests, a Cyanotypia photo exhibition. It embraces the different shades of blue. The photo artist Kaino is behind the exhibition.

”In cyanotype, I’m interested in the beautiful blue color, it hooks and immerses you. Its deep color attracts and holds passionately. At the same time beautiful and absurd, natural and unnatural.”

Cyanotyping is an image transfer technique where the image is exposed to the surface with UV light. It combines various elements of nature, such as the sun, water and iron salts. Let the color blue follow you!

The Cyano photo exhibition presents the nature theme of the dance piece Me in nature = Nature in me.