Neurography painting workshop

Neurography is a creative approach to problem-solving through drawing. The main idea is that through special lines and shapes on paper, a person can better understand their hidden thoughts and emotions, which ultimately helps them find solutions to their problems. This approach is sometimes called “conversation with one’s subconscious through drawing.”

The term “neurography” combines two words: “neuro-” from the Greek “neuron,” meaning the nervous system, and “grapho,” which translates as “graphics” or “drawing.” This indicates a close connection between the drawing and brain activity. Drawing according to the neurographic algorithm allows a person to connect the rational and irrational within themselves, facilitating problem-solving at a conscious level.

Many researchers and practitioners note the similarity of this method to meditative drawing and other drawing techniques. It is used in schools to develop children’s emotional intelligence and to train their ability to concentrate and relax. This method is also often used as an additional tool for achieving desired outcomes. To draw neurography, you don’t need artistic skills. All you need is the desire for positive change, finding creative new ideas in solving your problem, and simply believing in the Universe and your hand that will guide the lines. 🙂

The workshop is free of charge. Registration for the workshop:
The language of the workshop will be English and Ukrainian. Instructor Mariia Gavriushenko.
The event is a part of the residency programme (August 2023 to July 2024) for Ukrainian professional artists residing in Central Finland organised by Culture Center Villa Rana, with the support of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.
Event’s photo: Susan Wilkinson.