Tupacircus: Toivon kipinöitä (FIN/SUI/UK/GEO/BRA)

Performers: Minja Kuitunen, Siiri Lehtiö, Saila Salminen, Jonathan Crane, Nana Garviani, KarolSchittini, Sami Kontola, Jarno Karjalainen, Sanna Purokuru, Vesa Purokuru

The multi-arts performance group Tupacircus appears in Jyväskylä Festival for the second time, with their new piece Toivon kipinöitä. The group consists of local, Finnish and international performers, and their art blends together physical theatre, classical music and tropical rhythms, poetry, dance, theatre clownery, puppet theatre, circus and people from different backgrounds.

The intense music and undeniable skill of the performers will make the audience hold their breath, but the performance’s warm beauty, wistfulness and cheerfulness will also allow one to breathe in love to the beat of the show. The performance starts with a Parade of Hope that leads the audience from the street to the venue at Villa Rana.

Tupacircus is an annually changing group of circus artists, dancers, musicians, poets and other artists, founded in 2008. In their performances, Tupacircus creates an intimate atmosphere where a rehearsed performance, improvisation and the art of perfect presence, meet.