Rana Culture Walks

Rana Culture Walks start from the historical building Villa Rana (Seminaarinkatu 13, Jyväskylä), which today houses a Cultural Centre, and take you to the world of renowned historical figures whose presence can still be seen and felt at the Seminaarinmäki Campus area and around. Architects Wivi Lönn, Yrjö Blomstedt and educator Uno Cygnaeus are brought to life by dancers and actors guiding the tours.

The duration of the tour is approximately one hour, and it suits both Finnish and English speaking audiences. We recommend using an assistant for visually or mobility impaired participants.

The walks can be booked for groups for the price of 550 € (VAT 0). Each of the walks are available according to the artist’s schedules. Please contact info@villarana.fi to book a walk.

Organizer: Jyväskylän kulttuuritalon tukiyhdistys ry
Supported by Ministry of Education and Culture

Photo collection: Uno Cygnaeus, Museovirasto, Yrjö Blomstedt, photographer Olga Oksanen, Museovirasto, Wivi Lönn 85 years medal, designer Aarre Aaltonen, photo Helsingin kaupunginmuseo, Alvar Aalto, photographer A. Pietinen, Sotamuseo