Konsertti: Road Ensemble

Road Ensemble, established in 2015 by Farshad Sanati and Fardin Abbasi in Jyväskylä, Finland, specializes in performing Iranian and Kurdish folk music. The ensemble has been actively involved in showcasing Iranian music through concerts, workshops, and lectures across Finland  introducing the old scales, rich melodies and diverse rhythms of the region to Finnish audiences. Over the years, they have collaborated with guest musicians from Finland and various other countries. Joining the group for these performances are Farzad Mehdi Nia, Sheida Sanati, and Tiia Pennanen.

Vocal: Farzad Mehdi Nia

Bass Tar: Sheida Sanati

Violin: Tiia Pennanen

Daf, Tonbak and Vocal: Fardin Abbasi

Santour and vocal: Farshad Sanati

Photo credit: Iida Liimatainen